BTCC Silverstone

British Touring Car Championship, Silverstone Circuit

Touring car racing is a general term for a number of distinct auto racing competitions in heavily-modified street cars. It is notably popular in Australia, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Italy and Scandanavia.

Although the cars are not nearly as fast as Formula One vehicles, the similarity of the cars to each other and to fans' own vehicles makes for well-supported, entertaining racing. The more substanital bodies of the vehicles makes the occasional nudging for overtaking much more acceptable as part of racing and the lesser impact of aerodynamics also meants that following cars have a much easier time of passing than F1.

List of seriesEdit

The AmericasEdit

  • American Touring Car Championship
  • Canadian Touring Car Championship
  • CDCC Dominican National Championship
  • Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge
  • Copa Petrobras de Marcas
  • SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge
  • Stock Car Brasil
  • TC 2000 Championship
  • Trans Am Series
  • U.S. Touring Car Championship



  • Asian Touring Car Championship
  • China Touring Car Championship
  • Hong Kong Touring Car Championship
  • Macau Touring Car Championship
  • Malaysian Super Series
  • New Zealand V8s
  • Super GT
  • V8 Supercars